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This literally took me three days to make and I don't even have a background for it XD

But I am proud of how it came out quq I actually ventured from my comfort zone with shading and things like that, so I'm proud of myself there, too :3

Welp, time to update my quotev profile pic I guess :3

Fell!Palette belongs to HiyokoXrxs
Happy Birthday Ink!
So I found out that doday was Ink's birthday- and I kind of panicked that I didn't have enough time to make somethibg for him quq

But then I remembered this Color Palette challenge I did of him that I never submitted so- ye quq I'm determined not to miss any more birthdays XD

Ink was created by Comyet on Tumblr
Some More Fan-Chan Doodles :3
These were requested by a couple of friends on Quotev, so I drew them :3

They wanted to see Fan sleeping and as a kid, so ye . . . Dunno what else to say, really :T
Random Dragon
Ssso I decided to draw a dragon while I was bored in STEM class the ither day, and I also wanted to try out an editing app I got on my phone called PicsArt, and it worked pretty well for the first time :3
Fell!Palette belongs to HiyokoXrxs 

I drew this during school yesterday, and I would've submitted it yesterday, too, if it hadn't been for my multiple roleplays on Quotev distracting me XD

Btw, fuck anatomy, I just can't anymore


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United States
Heya, I bet no one will actually bother to read this but if you are interested, take a few minutes to learn a bit more about me.

For starters, I obviously belong to probably way too many fandoms; The ones you'll be seeing on here the most will probably be Undertale, Warrior Cats, Pokémon, Gravity Falls, My Little Pony, and maybe more?

My crush is Fell!Palette who was created by Angexci :3
He's actually a lot more than a crush, I literally got sick from how love-sick I was over him . . .
Help I have a problem . . .

I am equally capable of creating both digital and traditional art, but my traditionals tend to be lacking in color as I don't have very many colored pencils that I carry around with me all the time . . .

I also write stories, and I often make my own covers for my books, so if I feel like it, I may upload the cover I made onto here for you all to see and (hopefully) get excited for the upcoming story!

I hope you all enjoy my art! >u<

Mah OTPs:

~Poth (Palette Roller x Goth)
~Gothcest (Goth x Fell!Goth)
~Fell!Goth x Palette Roller
~Palette Roller x Goth x Fell!Goth (Dunno what to call this threesome XD)
~Fallen Autte (*Cough* Fell!Palette x Fan-Chan/me)
~PaperFresh (Paperjam x Fresh Sans)
~ErrInk (Error Sans x Ink Sans)
~Drink (Dream Sans x Ink Sans) [FITE ME]
~Cream (Cross Sans x Dream Sans)
~AfterDeath (Reaper Sans x Geno)
~Crossmare (Cross Sans x Nightmare Sans)
~Alphys x Undyne (I honestly don't know the ship name)
~Flowey x Temmie (IT'S SO STRANGELY CUTE)


~Firestar x Sandstorm
~Graystripe x Silverstream
~Ravenpaw x Barley
~Bluestar x Scourge (Deal with it)
~Bramblestar x Squirrelflight
~Crowfeather x Feathertail
~Crowfeather x Leafpool
~Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves
~Tigerstar x Darkstripe
~Leafstar x Billystorm
~Hawkfrost x Ivypool


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